Minecraft Snapshot 20w14✨

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Oh whoa, what's this? A new snapshot has been released after being ruled "not guilty" on a technicality. This one's jam pack full of features, some of which even work! Check them out below.

Please note that this is a highly experimental snapshot and requires a special installation process. Scroll to the bottom for more information.

New Features in 20w14✨

  • Cats can now be picked up and stacked
  • Trees now have gravity
  • Added volcanoes (with lava tubes)
  • Added lead ore
  • Added obsidian boats
  • Added TNT dupers
  • Added Minecraft Dungeons
  • Added umbrellas
  • Added command blocks slabs
  • Added supply air-drops
  • Replaced enderdragon fight with 5-minute livestream and musical number
  • Tellraw can now be cooked in a furnace
  • Chain armor now craftable from chain command blocks
  • Added backpacks - can hold items, including other backpacks
  • Added super duper graphics pack
  • Added skyships
  • Added portal guns
  • Added loot bags
  • Honey blocks now stick to air
  • Added Rocketships
  • Added footprint particles back by popular demand
  • Removed footprint particles again
  • Added a new Ore Ty£'%:%:!
  • Added crying obsidian
  • Tried to console the obsidian
  • Removed minechat
  • Added VBA scripting
  • Torches self-duplicate now.
  • Added bitcoin pickaxe (for bitcoin mining)
  • Added melon uzi (for committing a melony)
  • Added beard slot
  • Observers now go OwO
  • Added option to play Factorio instead
  • Added enable_1.8.1-pre3_combat gamerule
  • Added the java marketplace
  • Added a way to earn Minecoins ingame
  • Minor Text fixes
  • Praised the Puffer!
  • Achieved spiritual parity
  • Assessability improvements
  • Performance deteriorations

New Blocks in 20w14✨

  • Added limestone
  • Added slate
  • Added fish blocks
  • Added diagonal slabs
  • Added snowiest snow

New Mobs in 20w14✨

  • Added giants
  • Added red dragons
  • Added command chain snakes
  • Added Skylinerw
  • £'%:%:!;;&(\"\";;;**;;%%:%:

Changes in 20w14✨

  • Removed inventory clutter (granite, diorite)
  • Renamed Diamond to Overworldite for consistency
  • Removed Gold
  • Made Bedrock craftable
  • Bedrock at y=0 can now be broken. Default Tool: Pickaxe

Technical Changes in 20w14a✨

  • Rewrote Minecraft in Rust

Fixed bugs in 20w14✨

  • MC-108 - Droppers, Dispensers and Pistons activate when blocks are providing power diagonally or two blocks above
  • MC-26485 - cant play because of loncher
  • MC-136737 - LAGGY and crashes a lottttt
  • MC-163206 - 1.14 sucks
  • MC-169716 - I found a bug .. with the dimonds ..
  • MCAPI-1786 - seker
  • MCAPI-1784 - Seker
  • MCCE-2038 - HEROBRINE SEED ON XBOX 360!? 100% REAL!!!!
  • MCPE-51787 - Wolfs and Cats+

Get the snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher, enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab, start up Minecraft 20w13b, download the snapshot and add the datapack to a newly created world:

Alternatively, we made servers for your convenience (which might be down occasionally because too many people want to play at once):

Update: The servers have been disabled. Please use the datapack method above instead.

  • EU:
  • US: 20w14s.bopl.cf

Snapshots can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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